Sunday, March 20, 2016

Make Your Own Walnut Milk!

Dancing TreePeople Farm Organics announces the introduction of a premium 100% organic cotton nut milk bag to its product line for sale on

For health reasons, many families are turning to nut-based milks as a replacement to dairy or soy milk and are looking for fresh and economical ways to process their own foods, including making their own almond milk, hemp milk and soy milk.

 Denise Rushing Farm Member shared: “We wanted to provide a product that is organic: chemical-free and a safe alternative for those seeking to take advantage of the health and flavor benefits of making their own nut milks at home and who don’t want to worry about synthetic chemicals in their food.”

 Nut milk is the liquid created from soaked nuts or seeds blended with water. The liquid is typically strained through a fabric bag to remove unwanted solids from the end product.  Often, flavors like vanilla, and sweeteners are added.

Dancing TreePeople Farm Organics released their 10x12inch nut milk bag on and offers a complimentary ebook (downloadable online) for those interested in making their own nut milk.


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