Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sitting still

Sitting still helps me to see better. 
This was true when I sat in contemplative prayer for the people and needs of the city of Atlanta at Maisha (an urban house that I helped found in 1990). As I sat there in the quiet my eyes were opened to the struggles of the poor among whom I lived and my heart learned compassion from their example of caring for each other in times of desperate need. Something like what has happened in my present home, Lake County, as the recent devastation by wild fires has released an outpouring of generous assistance from so many sources.

And it is true today. Sitting helps me see better. This morning as I sat in meditation I once again was gifted to see better. Deer pranced through the orchard, doves flew from their roost in our neighbor’s yard, a spider web glimmered in the sunlight, and the walnut tree leaves danced in the gentle wind. My inner sight saw clearly the rhythm of life that surrounds me and the lesson I am called to remember: Flow and be free. Though planning is important and tasks need to be done, what is essential is a profound trust in the goodness of life that frees one to be here and now at peace. My mantra for this day: Here and now flow and be free. 

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