Thursday, September 3, 2015

Farm Cats and Life Lessons

This is Sheeba, our ferrel farm cat, and her new kitten, Catkin. Sheeba still doesn't let us pet her, but she has learned the alluring technique of rubbing up against our legs in a very seductive manner that has persuaded us to willingly feed her twice a day since last March. We thought when she had her kitten, she'd teach her offspring the same technique. Not so. Catkin somehow inherited the ferrel-ness of her (his?) father, which causes her to stand a distance away from me, the giant two-legger, licking her paws in feigned disinterest while her mother enjoys a tasty meal.

Watch Catkin, though. Even though she is terrified out of her wits, she trusts her mother. Overcoming her innate fear a bit at a time, she eventually joins her mom at the food bowl. Good for her. I am always worried she would go away hungry, especially as her mother is weaning her.

Catkin's beliefs about me and what I represented were nearly insurmountable. However, she had a trusted figure that showed her I was safe and able to be tamed into submission. Catkin then gradually inched her way toward the food bowl in manageable chunks – pushing the edge of her comfort zone time and time again until she obtained her goal.

I face "giant two-leggers" continually. I notice the feelings of terror they invoke, which cause me to go off and lick my paws – to journey down the Google rabbit hole or answer non-critical emails. However, by refocusing my eyes on the prize and taking small steps each moment of the day, I eventually notice my journey along the path gets easier and I discover I can accomplish my goal.

I learn many life lessons like this from my pets. Is this true for you, too?

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