Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Audacious PLan

Why is it that we need to "let go" before the seeds we plant will grow? Dancing TreePeople Farm ( is no longer for sale. The Universe presented us with a solution that brought tears to my eyes because it perfectly matched my decade-old dream of a transformational intentional community. Two deaths in the family, and other misadventures led me to believe the dream would never happen, so after a decade of trying too hard... I let it go and decided to move on.   No sooner did the for sale sign go up than the possibility emerged. Now the sign has come down and community is forming with friends/brilliant changemakers. No doubt this little corner of the world will change the world. It is inevitable now. I am pinching myself.

It is time for the next phase of the Audacious Plan

Back by popular demand... a video Massey Burke and I created last year.

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  1. Hi Dancing Tree People! I am very excited to hear the news that you are keeping the farm. Me and my partner live in Hidden Valley and are glad to have such a great place spiriting energy nearby. I am currently completing my PDC, and we have a small lot to practice Permaculture on with sheet mulching and plant guilding. I look forward to meeting in person!

    -Hope and Kyle