Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dancing TreePeople ORGANIC Orchard and Garden

Hooray! This week, we received the organic certification for our farm. This involved a lot of paperwork and an on-site inspection. Here is a copy of the USDA certificate:

We are harvesting walnuts by hand this season (just Renee and I). The good news: we are selling this year's walnut harvest as organic!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Lake Future

This past weekend, I spoke at the local sustainability forum sponsored by the Sierra Club Lake group. There was a fairly large group there for our rural area (over 100, I think) and the discussion seemed to focus on the changes folks see and what can be done about living within our means: becoming more sustainable as individuals and as a community. I invited folks to continue the dialog by joining LakeFuture--a forum to explore and discuss both individual and community transformation to a more sustainable and local economy in Lake County, CA. You can join the yahoo group by sending an email to

For my part, I try to focus on the hopeful--that humans are a part of the community of life and we have a role. We are called, I believe, to not just live sustainably, but to restore and renew ravaged places and to protect the living places that remain. When we work in this way, we find that our way of thinking changes and indeed, our way of being is transformed.

To embrace this transition, as I have been chronicling here for myself, is not easy, but it is a far more satisfying way of life. And yet, I've learned that I cannot work alone... the vision of such a life is a difficult one with just too much sheer work and a myriad of skills that no one person can acquire or afford. It is only through community that we create the momentum, energy and hope to find our way to the future.