Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Way of Peace

Who are the people we encounter who most change us for the better? Aren't we changed more by who people are than by what they do. There seems to be a quality of being required to pursue peace in our world.

Here is my thinking: to be a person of peace requires active engagement, but also a living spirit nourished and infused with life. While the action or engagement can often be initiated out of anger, a person will only transform structures when they act out of a deeper place, out of love or deeper sense of purpose. Such a great shift of human mind is required to abandon consumption, acquistion and our own individual contribution to war.

How do we discover peace within ourselves? It sems to me, the Way of Peace is far different from what we are taught in school or the actions we are taught are required to be in business, or even in successful organizing. Above all, it requires a pursuit of self-knowledge and an interior life. Without knowing what motivates us, we cannot stay peaceful in the face of that which affronts us.

One cannot confront shadow without the risk of falling into it.

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